A systems biology activity at the two Amsterdam Universities and beyond.

Various special publications

1. Chapter 7 of PhD thesis Joost Aerts;supplementary Figures and Tables. (If link is dysfunctional, please contact this e-mail )

2. pdf version of Westerhoff & Van Dam (1987) Thermodynamics and Control of Biological Free-Energy Transduction

3. Westerhoff, H.V. (2020) Trumping the Trumps: addressing complexities through BioLogical rationality, Systems Biology Amsterdam. ISBN: 9789083231808; doi:  

The Corona pandemic and systems biology

A Systems Biology model of the pandemic reveils diversity and failures in government policies with dire implications for the lives of millions. Press, parliament, nor public follow or anticipate these policies critically. A new systems biology model should enable them to do so and shows how and why policies fail and suggests improvements.

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Crowning Corona policies: Understanding and modelling COVID-19 epidemics

A crash course for learning to use models to better understand and assess COVID-19 policies around the world

30 November - 9 December 2020 (online)

Under the auspices of the research infrastructure for systems biology and bioinformatics ISBE.NL and ELIXIR.Luxembourg

Aim: After this course, participants will be able to model the Corona epidemics themselves and assess governmental and other policies critically

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Entry level: any; we will cater for bridging gaps

Past news:

Symposium Trumping the Trumps on how Systems Biology's rationality may help solve complex societal issues

17 January 2020, Amsterdam. For programme and information click here.

Welcome to Systems Biology Amsterdam

SysBA (www.SysBA.NL) is a systems biology/systems medicine centre at the two collaborating Amsterdam Universities and their institutes/centres SILS and AIMMS. SysBA is active on both the experimental and the modelling sides of the life sciences, focusing on their integration. It connects with systems biology centres in Luxembourg, Manchester, and Milano.

ISBE.NL for ISBE light

SysBioAmsterdam hosts the  Dutch hub (ISBE.NL) for the Infrastrcuture Systems Biology Europe (ISBE).  It provides some of the first ISBE services such as modelling, certain experimentation, advice on standardization and maintains a model repository. 

4M4U: the Make-Me-My-Model service for you

4M4U models for biologists, biotechnologists, and clinicians who would like to use network models to address issues of applied or fundamental importance.  In its CORBEL activity, 4M also involves other European Life Science Research Infrastructures, such as those on bioinformatics, imaging and high-throughput experimentation. 

Genome-wide metabolic maps for individuals

SysBioAmsterdam is setting up a facility at which genome-wide metabolic maps will be made for human individuals on the basis of their SNP pattern or whole genome sequence.  The implications of the features of the individual's genome sequence and available funtional genomic data will be estimated by computation.

IMSEC: Immune Systems Ecology

SysBioAmsterdam is home to IMSEC, the Immune Systems Ecology Centre, which implements ecology principles to immunology and immunological principles to ecology. 

A recent results has been a study of possible systems biological remediations of arsenic poisoning of drinking waters (info).


Model repository

SysBioAmsterdam is major hub of the JWS model repository driven by Jacky Snoep

Areas of expertise

Dynamic metabolic maps and models

Metabolic and hierarchical control and regulation analysis

Epigenetics and genome structure

Signal transduction

Multifactorial disease such as Parkinson’s disease, obesity and cancer

Cell cycle

Non-equilibrium thermodynamics

Systems ecology

Systems immunology

Differential network-based drug design  

A service to all coupled to scientific progress

SysBioAmsterdam aims at providing service both to life scientists who appreciate that systems biology methods may accelerate their science and applications, and to the genral public.  The availability of data and test cases will greatly propel scientific developmenst in this area.


If you are interested in the services offered by SysBio Amsterdam or in joiing in its activities, do let us know at h.v.westerhoff at